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Eye Candy Friday

It’s Macro May and that makes me happy because I love to use my macro lens. It’s tricky to get macro closeups to be sharp and focused so I appreciate the opportunity to practice at it for a whole month. I also appreciate the ability to use RadLab to make my less than focused macro shots look kind of funky, like this one!

Tomorrow is Frank Harlow Day and the weather forecast is iffy. Please send vibes for sunshine and blue skies!

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  1. I wish you sun and fun on Frank Harlow day! Another lovely shot, Miss Carole! I hope you stay warm and enjoy your weekend.

  2. I saw the weather forecast yesterday and couldn’t believe how it changed from earlier in the week. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I’m hoping to be down there in the early afternoon – just have to play mom-taxi for a bit first.

    Very cool macro shot! I love these computer programs that enhance our photography.

  3. Beautiful picture Carole! And my weather updates are showing that the sun is going to shine tomorrow! Have a great day!

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