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Wordless Wednesday: Iris

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  1. The garden is so exciting this time of year! Love walking out to see what is ready to bloom.

  2. Oh, two flowers I miss from my childhood in the Midwest: Iris and Peonies. I’ve always loved the irony that you can’t have peonies without ants: the ants wander all over the buds eating the stickiness at the seams of the buds, which allows the coverings to part.

  3. There is so much potential in that picture. Our peonies are almost spent, the iris come and gone. Lucky you, the beauty of the blossoms are still ahead.

  4. Our iris are in full bloom, but our peonies are gearing up for their show in June. I can’t wait! So I hope you’ll give us an “after” shot to go with this “before” shot. Happy day, Carole!

  5. Beautiful shot Carole. The iris was the favorite flower of my lifelong best bud – gone to soon from this world. Thanks for giving me a nice memory this morning.

  6. Oooh, my Mom’s favorite flower … can’t wait to see it in full bloom 🙂 Definitely a much better view than from my window at work today, can’t believe how heavy the rain is!

  7. Beautiful.

    Hey, have you ever considered doing a ‘Wordless Wednesday – along” so that others can jump on the bandwagon/pin their posts to your blog for this one too?

  8. Oooh! I’ve got some buds that look just like that in my garden today! So lovely; so full of promise!

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