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Eye Candy Friday

There is nothing quite like the blue of the hydrangeas in and around Cape Cod. They are gorgeous and vibrant and plentiful in this area and the ones I saw last weekend took my breath away.

What’s taking your breath away today?

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  1. nature does provide the best color palette! that’s the perfect blue/green combo, isn’t it? I’ve got a 4 mile run and a barre class this morning – I hope it takes away my breath just a little so I know I got a great workout!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Someday I would like to buy a few of your pictures to frame them for wherever we are-they always make me think of home and smile.

  3. My parents live on the cape and I love the hydrangeas this time of year. They don’t grow that color anywhere else.

  4. So beautiful! I’ve never seen a blue hydrangea quite that blue! Wow! My schedule … is taking my breath away! How can time move this fast?????

  5. What is taking my breath away is my sleeping baby boy. I just want to freeze time because it already seems like he is growing up too fast and he is only three months old!

  6. The amount of wildlife I’ve seen this week has taken my breath away! Two fox, a big deer and of course the crazy wild turkeys. Happy Friday Carole!

  7. I’m always amazed by the vibrancy of those blue hydrangeas … all colors are gorgeous, but those deep blue ones, wow. Great photo, Carole! Have an awesome weekend 🙂

  8. I love that color blue – mine aren’t quite that bright. I’m glad mine are actually growing. It took about 3 hydrangeas to actually get some pretty blue flowers. This heat and humidity – that’s taking my breath away for the next few days at least.

  9. Yowza! That’s a color celebration! Ours have not put out a single blossom this year. We can’t figure it out why. If my daughters can get their rooms (including their closets) cleaned today, that would take my breath away! 😉 Happy weekend, Carole.

  10. Just an amazing shade of blue on those hydrangeas – I’ve never seen anything like it. Beautiful! What is taking my breath away today is the thought of an “at home” weekend, trying to stay cool in the current heat wave, and watching LOTS of Olympics while I knit a Christmas stocking.

  11. Wow. My hydrangeas are not nearly so blue. I wonder how much the acidity of the soil changes the flower colors (and if I should be feeding mine cold decaf).

  12. Colours go well with my recent FO on my current post. I should have posed it next to my hydrangeas. Yours are a deeper blue, though. I’ve always loved hydrangeas.

  13. Did you know that blue was the last (or latest) color to evolve in flowers? First there was green, then white, yellow, orange, red, purple, and finally blue. There are also very few objects in nature that are truly blue (except the sky, but that is a whole ‘nother story).

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