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Eye Candy Friday

Flowers shots will be a rare thing here soon enough so I’m going to post them while they last.

I’ve got a fun weekend ahead of me – tomorrow night we’ve got an oldies dance with Dale’s band that’s a fundraiser for Kiwanis and on Sunday I’m going to the home opener for the Patriot’s. It’s my first ever Pats game and I am quite excited! I hope you all have exciting stuff going on this weekend, too. Make it a good one!

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  1. Reading your post, I started singing “Are You Ready for Some Football?”. Yeah, I know it’s not Monday night–enjoy the game. The cherry red color of the flowers is really lucious. Happy weekend!

  2. Congrats on the Pats game. It should be a blast!

    I think I’m going to mostly be staying home, knitting, sewing and baking this weekend. It’s been a comfort food kind of day, so I’m looking forward to making my favorites over the weekend.

  3. I have never been to a single football game. Weird, right? Not even college. And my high school was all girls, so no football there. You’ll have to tell me if you like it-maybe I should get out there someday!

  4. Have a great time at the game!! And hey, have a great time at the dance. I heard the lead singer was a cutie!

    I’m going to my first ever tailgate. Yes, I am a tailgate virgin! So tomorrow’s BSU game should be a blast!

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