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Eye Candy Friday

Ours leaves are just about peaking right now, there is orange and gold and red everywhere I look and it’s simply beautiful.

Look around this weekend. I bet you’ll see something beautiful, too.

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  1. Beautiful! We just don’t have the vibrant reds and oranges that NE does. The valley trees are just starting to change to gold. My hope is the leaves hang on a good long time as the trees will be bare long enough!

  2. It’s so funny – you are only about 30 mins away from me and you have so much more color than we do! Things are just starting to change a bit here. Have a great weekend!

  3. This season just doesn’t last long enough. I think the entire state of Wisconsin is already past peak. We’ve had a fair amount of rain over the past week, sometimes quite heavy, and there are a lot of bare naked trees out there now. Winter’s on the way!

  4. I’m happy to see your photo because Rockport, sadly, doesn’t get much color. I guess we don’t have the right kind of trees.

  5. The leaf color in your photo is stunning. Last weekend, my sister and I drove south from the Denver area and enjoyed gorgeous color in the scrub oak covered hillsides. And then, imagine, we ended up at a lovely yarn store located in an almost rural area between Denver and Colorado Springs.

  6. Beautiful! I love the fall, but I HATE what comes next. Oh well might as well enjoy the beautiful colors.

  7. Our area is awash in color. This is my most favorite time of year here in Boise. Your maple shot is fall-perfection. Bring on the cider!!

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