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Eye Candy Friday

I love pears – they are wonderful when they are fresh and ripe. Mmmmm. And their pretty shade of green makes me thing of spring – which has arrived – at least, that’s what the calendar says!

Have a great weekend, my friends!

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  1. Happy Spring, I think. Still snow on the ground and chilly that’s the bad news. Good news is I may even get to wear a sweater I’m finishing today!

  2. Pears are my favorite and I really liked them on a tart or pizza. Smith isn’t a fan…can you believe that!? TGIF! Have a wonderful weekend, Carole.

  3. Pears are a fav of mine as well. Love them in a salad. Such a nice photo too! Spring is trying to show off here, but the weather is thwarting her. The forsythia is starting to bloom and yet we had snowfall last night. Arg! Snowfall or not, my spring break begins today at 1:15 (if my report cards are finished!). Happy weekend to you, Carole

  4. pretty. green. thinking my fruit drawer needs a punch of fresh color and this could be it (since peaches are – sadly! – a long ways away!)

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