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Eye Candy Friday

Today for Eye Candy Friday I present the flowers I picked from my garden to put on the table for our dinner party last week. I love bouquets like this!

I also love vacation and I’m about to have one that consists of two weeks on Cape Cod. Arrangements have been made, bags are being packed, and I am ready to go! I’m not sure when exactly I’ll be checking in here but I promise not to abandon you all for two weeks. In the meantime, be well and have fun. Cheers!

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  1. Have a great time!! I’m just winding down my vacation with my family in Lake Tahoe. I feel so rested, I shuddder to return to “real life”.

  2. Well I couldn’t help but go back to your 2010 post, “Weddingd Gone Wrong”. Hilarious/horrifying. One of them resonated with me, though. The Justice of the Peace who married us was someone I didn’t know. (Yes, that was dumb but I was young. Youngish. OK, old enough to have known better, but I didn’t) Anyway, he mispronounced our last name when introducing us. I was bullshit, but said nothing. It was too late. Anyway, we had invited him and his wife tot he reception, so there they were. And he came over to me and said, “The table centerpieces [topiaries of pink roses tied with French ribbons] are lovely and my wife would like to take one home.” I said no.

  3. I love how the cacophony of colors make for the perfect bouquet! I’m late to wishing you a happy vacation – you’re already in the middle of it, but I know you’ll make the most out of each opportunity. Play hard, dear Carole!

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