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Eye Candy Friday

rad lab trees for carole knits

One of the things I love about Rad Lab is that it can take a mediocre photo and turn it into something pretty cool. Like this one of the trees outside my office at the library. A little “cinnamon toast” layer and they look a little creepy and sinister instead of just like another shot of fall foliage.

We’ll be doing the creepy and sinister thing this weekend with our 4th annual Halloween party. Can’t wait! Make it a fun weekend!

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  1. I love RadLab! finally bit the bullet last month and got the full suite…mostly because I’m completely addicted to PicTapGo on my phone. I like that I can take a series of shots and apply the same recipe to them. (I now have a recipe called Madeline that I use for afternoon photos of FOs in my study 🙂 Your leaves are stunning (I don’t think spooky at all). Can’t wait to hear about the party! Enjoy!!

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