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Eye Candy Friday

Here’s a close up of the Indian corn that is hanging on my (new) kitchen door. Wait. Can we still call if Indian corn? Should I be calling it Native American corn? Or autumn corn? Well. Whatever we call it, I love it and all it’s corny colors.

indian corn for carole knits


Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Hmmm – interesting question. It’s not derogatory, just a reference to times past. Still, it might be better to call it Indigenous Corn! Even the word “native” is insulting in some contexts.

  2. You got my curiosity up and so I did a bit of googling. It is still called Indian corn but also calico corn. Won’t bore you with all the info that Wikipedia had but it was interesting. I’ll probably still use the name Indian corn when referring to it but I really like calico too…makes me think of the fabric!
    Happy Weekend!

  3. I have the same corn hanging on my door! Except, with corn of that kind, I don’t think any two “ears” can ever be exactly the same. But it is one of my favorite fall decorations.

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