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Does Pinterest count as the wild? Because I saw this over there the other day and thought: YES. Allow me to share?

1. Photography. Not a lot of money but enough to motivate me. And I definitely love it.

2. Running. Still persisting and determined to keep it up this time. And I love the way it makes me feel.

3. Knitting. But of course. My first, last and one true hobby-love.

What 3 hobbies do you love that fit these categories?

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  1. I may need to search for two other hobbies, since knitting and reading neither make me money nor keep me in shape. Maybe walking while I listen to an audiobook, but I’m definitely a fair-weather walker. Do you know of any professional reader positions? 😉

  2. Hmmm…could talking make me some money? 😉 Going to the gym for #2 and like you – our fabulous hobby of knitting. Happy Wednesday Carole!

  3. #1 is cooking, although I actually do it as a volunteer in my church/community. Money is offered, but it is my service to those around me.

    #2 Hmmm, don’t know if I’ll ever consider working out a ‘hobby’, but I do it regularly and it has created social connections.

    #3 Knitting. Quilting. It goes back and forth. Do I get bonus points for having two?

  4. Let’s see:
    1. Reading and technology toys have led to Librarianship which is a great way to make a living!
    2. Going to the gym at least 4 times a week…mixed blessing?
    3. Knitting, spinning, and reading…sometimes at the same time!

  5. Oh I like this! OK – well, dying yarn seems to be making me some money lately. Taking pictures has forced me to get outside and take walks to capture some different shots so that is helping to keep me in shape. I need to do it more often though! And of course knitting is where my creativity lies.

  6. 1) None!
    2) None – unless I count managing this massive house.
    3) Knitting, knitting, knitting!

  7. Hummm. Occasionally make a few $$$ writing. Swimming or walking to keep in shape–I need to add an activity to build core strength. And, tada, knitting and reading–who would have guessed.

  8. Hmmm… 1. tickling the ivories (worked my way through college as a musician)
    2. pilates – have to recommit – need to be better about exercising – I have a million and one
    3. cooking and knitting

  9. your other blog readers are way more talented than I am. I do get paid to write my LYS’ newsletter and blog but it seems more like a job than a hobby. Yoga and Knitting would by my #2 and #3. I love that they make me happy AND keep me sane!

  10. I have plenty of hobbies in categories 2 and 3 . . . but absolutely none in category 1. Oh, well. Poor . . . but in shape and creative. Two out of three ain’t bad!!!

  11. That would be 1. Science 2. Cycling (Running if ever possible for me, again) 3. Fibres crafts – I guess I am a lucky person!

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