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Eye Candy Friday

Photographers often use the expression “the shot of the day.” It’s what we say when we know we have captured our subject exactly right. The light is perfect, the composition is ideal and everything comes together. I had a shot of the day pretty regularly in Mexico but I knew when I looked at the photos of this bridge in the biosphere that this was more than just the shot of the day.

biosphere bridge for carole knits

This, my friends, is the shot of the week. I’m definitely getting myself a big ole canvas of this one. I feel utterly transported every time I look at it.

I hope you find something beautiful this weekend. Take a photo of it, too.

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  1. Carol, if you join CVS website they offer canvas prints of your pics at 50% off now and then. I paid $15.00 for a good size one and they are neat, they wrap around the entire top bottom and sides.

  2. That was indeed, an amazing shot Carole. The colors are so perfect. I want to knit something with those colors now. I keep meaning to ask you – did you carry your DSLR with you most of the time? I hate to drag it all over during vacation but I also hate to miss a great shot.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! We’ll all come over and sit in front of the canvas and drink tequila and pretend we’re in Mexico. Okay? TGIF my friend!

  4. The juxtaposition of blue and aqua is compelling! Great photos help us see the world with wonder and new perspective. Thanks, Carole.

  5. Beautiful composition, Carole. Great photo! Do you find you play with your exposure a lot when taking your photos or does your camera choose some (or one ) of the settings for you? Lately, I’ve been trying to perfect my manual settings for getting a good sunset or sunrise photo.

    When you get a large canvas print where do you go?

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