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Eye Candy Friday

sunflowers in mason jar for carole knits

Sunflowers in a mason jar are a must for a western themed party so of course I had these on the dining room table last Saturday night. So pretty and so country. And so long until next summer, unfortunately.

Normally I’d say Happy Weekend now, and I do hope you all have a very happy weekend, but I’m also going to say: See you on Sunday!

Yes, NaBloPoMo for me.

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  1. As we say goodbye to the setting sunflowers in the west, I am looking forward to reading 30 days of your posts during NaBloPoMo. Happy Friday and see you Sunday!

  2. Sunflowers just make ‘ya want to smile. Driving through western Nebraska at dusk one time, I saw a whole field of sunflowers turn. Astonishing! See you Sunday. Happy Halloween!

  3. God bless all you bloggers! It’s a huge on-going commitment…but one that’s greatly appreciated by so many! Many thanks to everyone for sharing and inspiring…knitting, reading, gardening, cooking, life…I’ve learned so much from all of you and look forward to your blogs every day!

  4. uh oh…I’m really far behind now! I love the light you captured – those flowers seem to glow! (happy belated weekend!)

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