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Eye Candy Friday

faded tulips for carole knits

Man, can I milk a bouquet of tulips for photo opps or what? I think this is the third or maybe even fourth photo I took of these pretty yellow and red babies. As you can see, I even like ’em when they start to whither and fade away.

Let’s hope the weekend doesn’t fade away too fast! Make it count, my friends.

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  1. Those are some long-lived tulips! Now, if only the cold and snow would fade away (or better yet, make a rapid departure) so we can enjoy some tulips in the garden.

  2. They are photo-worthy, that’s for sure! So bright and cheery for these . . . difficult spring days! 🙂

  3. Tulips were our painting subject all day yesterday. I picked the pick one but I wish I had done the yellow/red ones, similar to yours. They look lit up in the sunlight.

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