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Eye Candy Friday

purple mosaic

A purple mosaic for you today in honor of Prince. He was talented and iconic and his music was a big part of my high school and college days. Another musician gone too soon.

Celebrate something good this weekend, okay? And maybe listen to something inspirational by Prince while you do.

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  1. This year has not been good – another fantastic artist too soon gone. The purple flowers are so perfect. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  2. Such beautiful photos.. purple is the perfect tribute to another creative genius taken from us far too soon! Pay it forward to someone this weekend…a random act of kindness.

  3. What a lovely tribute. Purple is my favorite color. Little did I know when I drove past The Fox Theater on my way home that Thursday that it would be one of the last performances. Prince certainly was a big part of my high school music.

  4. I’m almost a week behind, but these images will always be beautiful! I’m still sad about Prince — and everyone we’ve lost this year. I heard an aging SUPERSTAR of many decades on the radio the other day and had a sudden involuntary pang in my heart, realizing that it might/will one day be him… ugh.

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