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Eye Candy Friday

summer bouquet for carole knits

Flowers from Dale, just because he loves me and wanted me to know how much he appreciates everything I do. It could be summer guilt since I’ve been going to work every day while he stays home and loafs off. (Not really, he picks up a lot of extra chores when he’s on his summer break. And he deserves it because this man, who is not a morning person at all, gets up at 5am every school day to go to work.) Anyway, I love fresh flowers almost as much as I love Dale so this was a very sweet gesture and a wonderful surprise.

It’s no surprise because I’ve been telling you all week but tomorrow we head off to Cape Cod. Can I just say how completely and utterly ready I am for this vacation? Word.

I may surprise you and blog while we’re on vacation. You’ll just have to wait and see!

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  1. May all the vacation memories be good ones! Hoping for a few photos of your time there… at some point.

  2. I hope you do blog because you will be missed! Two weeks is too long. Have a super, duper good time!!! (I know you will). xoxo

  3. Have a fab trip to one of my all time faves. I am jealous.
    On our first trip there, when I was only five or so we stayed in Mrs Foot’s Cabins.

  4. Lovely flowers! I hope that wherever you are is 5-10 degrees cooler than it is here (we are currently at 90, and that is after a heavy rain storm that cooled us off a bit, lol)

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