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Eye Candy Friday


Last week, when the work stress was peaking (it’s much better now, thanks) Dale brought home this beautiful bouquet from a local farmstand. Zinnias are one of my favorite flowers and this just touched my heart. It also really illustrated that even when things are icky there are still good people doing good things. I’m lucky as can be to be married to one of those good people. I’m also very lucky to work with good people who stepped up and helped out just when I needed them.

I hope your weekend is full of good people! And maybe some pretty flowers, too.

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  1. Those flowers are beautiful. I especially like the soft greens against that vibrant red – but the reminder about good people doing good things is the best part. They make life better for all of us. Happy Friday!!

  2. I might have missed what the storm was, but I’m glad it appears to be passing. And yes, the really good people are easiest to spot in tough times, aren’t they? May the weekend be a time of rest and renewal.

  3. I’m so glad good people came through for you and your town. When you’re generous others are willing to be, too. Good people attract good people and you’re the best!

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