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Eye Candy Friday


We’ve been going back and forth between warm and cold weather but on Tuesday morning, November 1st, I came out to find the celosia looking very frosty. I had to take a photo and share it with you. I love the way this beautiful flower changed over the last few weeks, from bright pink and soft and fluffy to this washed out and crispy version. Sort of like how I feel as the cold weather comes, too. Really, though, this year I’m going to try and embrace it. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

This is the part where I’d normally tell you to have a great weekend. But. I’ll be back here tomorrow.

NaBloPoMo, baby.

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  1. That is just a perfect metaphor, Carole — AND I think I like the celosia better in it’s late-fall state than during the winter! Just lovely. (And, yeah. See you tomorrow.) XO

  2. Along with cool weather, this is part of why I like fall. Bright pink and fluffy is lovely, and so is gently faded and frosty. Happy weekend (even though you’ll be back tomorrow)!

  3. Washed out and crispy is me, caused by this election season. NaBloPoMo, that is change i can support. Looking forward to a bit more of you this month.

  4. Wow. That is so pretty!! I can’t believe we still haven’t had a hard frost here. The grass is green and even a few flowers are still blooming.

  5. Funny, to me it looks soft and fluffy! Anyway, your resolution to embrace the colder weather is a good one–hard to keep but worth the effort. Happy weekend and stay warm!

  6. There is no other choice than to accept what’s coming. I am reveling in the brunnera near my front door, as it hangs on to its color and shape despite the cold.

  7. “faded and frosty” cracked me up. but I hear you about embracing this next season. I’m tired of whining about the weather!

  8. I wish the weather would just decide already-hot or cold. We are getting concerned about our drought conditions, I think it’s been at least 2 months since we’ve had rain that wasn’t just in small isolated areas.

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