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The New Monday Night


Last night this guy and I got to stay home together. On a Monday. Now, this might not seem like a big deal to you but to us it was pretty unique. Why? Because for the first time in our married life, and for many many years prior to that, Dale did not go to the weekly Boy Scout meeting. Sure, there have been plenty of Monday nights without meetings – school vacations, summer, the occasional and rare other commitment, even snow storms, but last night there was a meeting. And it happened without Dale.

This has been a long time coming, my friends. I’ve been urging him to stop for years. First when my stepson Luke turned 18, but Dale wasn’t ready. And then I’d bring it up occasionally, but, again, he wasn’t ready. Finally, though, last month Patrick (our grandson) turned 18 and aged out of scouts. And with that, Dale declared he was ready to be done. Done with scouts completely? Of course not. There will still be special occasions and camping trips, of that I have no doubt. But done with weekly meetings and commitments? Yes. And may I just say. Hallelujah.

So cheers to Monday nights at home.

And an extra night of togetherness.

(I hope he doesn’t cramp my style.)


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  1. Congratulations, Dale! You’ve had a huge impact on so many Boy Scouts’ lives over the years, and you leave a tremendous legacy. Enjoy your Mondays off! XO

  2. Those types of shifts can have surprising impacts. Hope your changes are all good. I have always admired the community service you guys are involved in.

  3. I am sure that the Boy Scouts are not as happy are you both are with this change! But, yay for long-awaited for and well deserved Monday night togetherness! XO

  4. What a nice picture of the two of you. Yay for community service…and well-deserved “retirement” of sorts as well. As Kat says, the Boy Scouts probably aren’t as happy as you two…but oh well…here’s to Monday night togetherness.

  5. Cheers to Dale for giving his time and energy to so many young men over the years! I’m sure he made a difference in many young lives.

  6. Scouting is so fortunate to have men like Dale! Thank-you! And here’s to retirement…because you know Carole is pretty special!

  7. I love this picture of your both. Kudos to you Dale for doing all that you have for boy scouts and the young men of America going forward!!

  8. I’m sure you’ll enjoy a new Monday night tradition together. Congratulations and thank you to Dale for so many years of supporting Scouts. It’s an important contribution to our young men.

  9. Organizations like BS needs leaders like Dale. I am sure he’s made a huge difference in a lot of lives.

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