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Saturday Is Caturday

Mason is never happier than when the wood stove is burning.


He alternates from the coffee table to the floor.


And when it’s extra chilly or the fire has burned down quite a bit he lays down behind it, between the brick wall and the stove. I wonder sometimes how he doesn’t singe his fur or cook himself from the inside out.

He seems to know what he’s doing though and seeing him so happy and content makes my heart glad.

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  1. We had a cat that was all about the heat, especially the sun or napping on a heat register. In the summer, she would lay at the edge of the sunshine patch and when she got too hot she would just roll over half a turn into the shade. What a life! Mason seems to do nicely for himself, too.

  2. Our Jessie Cat singes her tail on our stove about twice a year. She doesn’t seem to notice but we sure do!

  3. When we had radiators, pumpkin would “dry her nails” under it constantly….cracked me up every time. Cant find the cat? Check the ‘nail salon’ in the dining room.

  4. We used to have to watch Bear the Senior Dog very carefully when we had a space heater going. She couldn’t feel the heat very well through her double coat, and her tail was always in danger of catching fire.

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