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Eye Candy Friday


For today’s eye candy I present a wee plate of cookies from the many, many that Doreen and I baked last Tuesday. There’s also a wee bit of bourbon in that glass. It was well deserved after a day of baking – my feet were tired! It was all worth it, though.

And lookie here, it’s the weekend. The last one before Christmas means it will be a busy one but you know I’ll be looking for those quiet moments of joy and contentment. I bet I’ll find some and I hope you will, too.

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  1. Bourbon and Christmas cookies. You know the way to Santa’s heart. Wishing you much holiday joy this weekend.

  2. Oh yum! I plan/hope to bake some this weekend. And wrap. And decorate a bit (only the tree is up and decorated – nothing else). I also plan not to be crazy but rather enjoy the moments and be happy! Hopefully my plan works. Happy weekend Carole! Enjoy.

  3. I thought I was done with baking, but those Hershey’s Kiss cookies have me craving the peanut butter version. I bet they would go great with bourbon!

  4. What a lovely plate of cookies! Please tell us what kind they are; especially the pink ones! They look so festive.

  5. Cookies and bourbon-now that does seem Christmas-y. This weekend means another car to test drive, and hanging out with my best girls. We did manage to get the tree decorated tonight!

  6. We do very little for Christmas but I’m feeling the pressure of the last minute errands and gifting. The cookie look marvelous, but that bourbon looks especially wonderful!

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