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Eye Candy Friday

Oh, my friends. I have so many photos I could use for today’s Eye Candy Friday post. I took 405 with the big camera and almost 100 with my iPhone. I’m working on getting them finished up so I can share all of them with you but for today I hope you’ll enjoy this photo of a flower filled window box from a home on Church Street in Charleston. When I tell you that all the houses have window boxes like this plus gardens and jasmine hedges and more just know I’m not exaggerating – they are all gorgeous and breathtaking.

I hope you find something gorgeous and breathtaking this weekend! I’m looking forward to doing a whole bunch of nothing!

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  1. That is so pretty. I’ll be planting my window boxes soon and would love to have them look like that. Hey a girl can dream can’t she? Have a good weekend!

  2. Just beautiful! I know Charleston is full of history, but I think I would enjoy the flowers and gardens most of all.

  3. I needed some flowers — we are waiting fo a big spring snow — bleech!

    P.S. Gotta love auto correct — it turned bleech into bleach lol!

  4. I’ve heard the charm of Charleston has few rivals. Thank you for sharing this hope of spring to come (we woke to a dusting of snow!).

  5. I love window boxes whether they are in Charleston or NYC, something i definitely want in our next house.

  6. I’m so glad you had the big camera! April is a lovely month to see the low country and I’m sure the photos are breathtaking. Enjoy your weekend!

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