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Book Club

Last night was our monthly Book Club meeting and it was, as usual, a wonderful time. We’ve been meeting since last November and I look forward to our gathering every single month. I think the secret to our success is that we really enjoy each other’s company and also that there is no pressure to read a specific book. That’s right – at our book club you just talk about whatever book you most recently read. Or, if you haven’t recently finished something, it’s perfectly acceptable to talk about any book you’ve read at any time. While it would be fun to all discuss the same book – and maybe we will do that at some point – it’s actually awesome to hear about what everyone has been reading and it’s a fabulous way to add titles to my to-read list.

The other secret to our success? Shared snacks and drinks. We meet at Sean’s house and everyone brings something to share. Sean usually makes something exceptional, like last night’s homemade cherry chocolate chip ice cream, I tend to go savory and last night it was glazed kielbasa and pineapple bites, and it’s just always delicious. The first time we met I rushed around after work to get dinner on the table for Dale and I but then when we got together and neither of us were hungry I realized – I don’t have to make dinner on book club night! That’s another bonus, for sure.

Studies show that people who socialize are happier and more satisfied with life. I certainly concur with those studies when it comes to book club!

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  1. I think this is a brilliant format, so much more accessible for a lot of people. And it sounds like a good way to get exposed to a wider variety of books. At least for those of us who aren’t librarians.

  2. You and your book club members may have the perfect format, like goodreads, but even more personal and fun. (And homemade cherry chocolate chip ice cream is definitely a big plus!)

  3. That sounds wonderful. I was part of a book club a few years ago but didn’t enjoy reading most of the books that were chosen. It got to the point where it felt more like homework so I stopped going. I’m at the point where I like to read my own choices so your group sounds great.

  4. I love the idea of just discussing various books rather than having to read something everyone is reading. I will say that it is sometimes productive to hear everyone’s take on the same book. Decisions, decisions!

  5. LOVE your book group concept! I have a wonderful book group. I love all the women in my group — even if they have very different book taste from my own. (Like . . . I usually hate the books they choose, and they “don’t get” the one I choose. But we love each other, so there is that!) I’m hosting this Thursday night. XO

  6. I love my book club too. We meet a restaurant that is quiet and has great food. Easy and I also don’t have to cook!

  7. I love this format for a book club! It sounds inspired. I love to read, have always loved to read, but I admit I don’t enjoy reading everything, and I don’t like having to abide by other’s choices when I read, so this sounds perfect. And it is a great forum to find new books, which is a real plus. Carol, I have to tell you that I finished Dennis Lehane’s new book, and it was just ok to me. So I recommend, with reservations. It read more like a screen play, if you get my drift. I am sure it will be made into a movie.

  8. That sounds like a great way to discover books and get to know people better. plus wine and snacks. a winning evening for sure!

  9. Love this book club format. I have recently joined a book club at work. Couldn’t get through the first book in a month (Outlander…plus I’m. It so much on time travel). I hope to get out of my comfort zone a little with the books here. It’s early days yet. But I will mention your format to them. Many are voracious readers and may enjoy that format better. Thanks for sharing!

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