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Eye Candy Friday

The tall phlox is just lovely right now and I’m so thankful for it since most everything else in the perennial bed is looking a little, well, spent. On Wednesday I made the extra effort and got out the big camera and took some photos so I could share the loveliness with you all. It’s easy to just snap away with the iPhone but there are times when the Canon is really the key.

And here we are looking at the weekend. Make an extra effort to have some fun, won’t you?

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  1. Oh, that is lovely! I’m having a Carole weekend, exhaustingly full of good stuff. I’m hoping that reading about your standard excellent weekend has been like training, and that I’m up for so much fun. Have a great one yourself.

  2. The phlox is a lovely pink-purple shade; thanks for getting out the big camera. Hope you’re going to try and have a little fun yourself this weekend! šŸ™‚

  3. Happy weekend! Your photo is very beautiful (as usual). I hope you have some fun planned (you usually do) and you get to relax a little, too!

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