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Eye Candy Friday

I’m not ready for fall and our weather the last few days has been decidedly summer-like but nature is the truth teller and these gigantic pine cones can’t be ignored. Sigh.

You know what else can’t be ignored? The weekend! After so many busy weekends we’ve got one that’s relatively low-key and I can’t wait! Hope yours is great, too.

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  1. Low key weekend on tap here, too. That is great, because there aren’t many of those left before 2018. Enjoy!

  2. Low key for us too! And the pine cones are crazy this year…we’ve been watching them all summer…they’ve been like bunches of bananas! There are tons of them. Have a great weekend Carole!

  3. Fall’s gonna come whether we are ready or not! We also have a “slow” weekend. A wine stroll at the park nearby, a couple bike rides, and of course there will be loads of football which really means loads of knitting! After getting my stash re-organized I’m really looking forward to fall/winter knitting. Happy Friday.

  4. Lovely pine cones! Much as I try to ignore the signs of fall . . . I’m thinking it’s time to get on board. (But I’m not wearing shoes yet.)

  5. Our weekend is ending with decidedly fall-like weather. Boo. Our warm summer is over and we may be heading toward winter quite quickly! Boo. Enjoy your calm weekend!

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