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Eye Candy Friday

My container gardens are thriving and exploding, they love the warm days and cool nights we get this time of year.

We’ve got outdoor adventures planned for this weekend and the weather does not look so promising. Send some sunshine my way, will you? And have a great weekend!

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  1. Sending good weather vibes. We are usually sunny, and we’ve been rainy and overcast for a week. The natives are restless and cranky. I mean, not me personally, nooooo.

  2. I always let my containers die back this time of year . . . so mine look nothing like your beautiful blooms right now! (And especially after our heat-blast of the last couple weeks.) Here’s hoping the weather holds out for your weekend fun! XO

  3. I’m praying for sunshine as well. We have outdoor fun planned for tomorrow and rain is in the forecast. Love your planter!

  4. That container does look wonderful! I would gladly trade weather with you if that was possible. We’ve got cool fall temps, but no rain which we really need. Hope your weekend is a fun one!

  5. How lovely! My garden looks horrible and I am cutting everything down this weekend. We haven’t had measurable rain since July 24th and that, combined with the recent heat wave was just too much for both my containers and garden. Enjoy the weekend!

  6. That coleus is awesome! This has been a great beginning of fall–like you we are enjoying warm days and lovely cool nights — great sleeping weather!

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