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Eye Candy Friday

I’m making the most of our container gardens while they last, taking lots of photos to remember what worked and what didn’t for next year. I was a little worried about them last night since we had frost warnings in the area but, as you can see, they survived just fine. This coleus is beautiful and still going strong and I’m thrilled by it.

I’m also thrilled that it’s the weekend! I bet you are, too!

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  1. Our coleus were looking great and then the deer thought they’d be the perfect dessert! Here is to a great weekend with lots of new baby snuggles! XOXO

  2. Just lovely! Do I see a dahlia or two and some daisies in the background? Enjoy the beauty of October plants, the weekend, and your new grandson!

  3. We had our first snow…remarkably most of the plants survived…now back to balmy weather…for now. October seems to be a capricious month!

  4. I thought the last time you showed these that they were dazzling. What all is in there, Carole? Have a great weekend! I hope it is full of home time since you have been so out of pocket lately. Time for some higge!

  5. Yikes – frost warnings?!? Your containers are still so beautiful – mine didn’t survive the 2-1/2 weeks I was gone last month … time to clean them out and get some mums!

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