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Eye Candy Friday 3/30

It’s sad to say but my container gardens are done for the season. They held on longer than usual but now it’s time to say goodbye. Most of them wind up in the compost heap but a few – like this gerbera daisy – get brought indoors to see if they can’t keep on keepin’ on.

I’ll be keepin’ on with blogging so I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

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  1. Yes, the couple that I had that were “hanging on” bit the dust with the frosty mornings we had earlier this week. But, have a good weekend and I *will* see you back here tomorrow! XO

  2. I’m hoping the rain stops long enough this weekend that I can get my lingering (but not in a good way) containers dumped into the compost heap. Yikes . . . they are NOT looking good right now. Happy Friday! XO

  3. Ours have gone by too. I believe it will all be thrown in the heap this weekend. I hope your daisy brings you weeks of smiles!

  4. Gerber daisy’s are lovely, with the weather lately it seems like summer is really trying to hang on- mid 70s in November for us 0.o

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