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Sunday Funnies 19/30

I chose this week’s video with Thanksgiving in mind. I mean, I would never get all crazy like this just because company is coming but I bet some of you can relate.

In all seriousness, Hannah sent me this a few years ago. She seemed to think I might relate and boy did I ever. Particularly that line about there cannot be any sign of living in this house. Word.

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  1. So funny and so insane. Yesreeday I went to a gathering of stitchers and our hostess did not have a pristine home. But guess what—we all had a great time!

  2. I know in my head that it is ok for my house to look lived in, but my ego says that no one should be able to see what a pig I am! So I do a very low key version of this every year at the holidays. I cannot have a good time when people come over for dinner if my house is not clean and orderly (at least the part they can see). It is a grand illusion/delusion, but it is mine and I own it. Since this reminds me faintly of me, I could not laugh, but it was a great reminder to get my panties out of a bunch. Thanks, Carole!

  3. That is hilarious! I love the “i want this place to look like a Mediterranean fusion restaurant! LMAO!

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