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I have some unraveling of a different sort today. Back on Black Friday, Harrisville Designs had a sale on potholder loops and I got myself the Bright Holiday Loop Pack. I love the other potholders I made so much and I thought some cheerful Christmas ones would be just the thing for the season.

And then they sat. And sat. And sat.

Finally, last weekend I realized if I wanted Christmas potholders for, say, Christmas, I’d better get cracking.  However, in the few months since I made the last ones, I sort of forgot what I was doing. I messed up the first attempt completely. I finished the second attempt only to later discover it was wrong. By the third time I was in the swing of it and moving along quickly and then, while doing the bind off (or whatever you call it in this instance) a bunch of loops sort of jumped off the loom. I tried my best to fix it but only made it worse. I texted Sean and told him the loom was stressing me the eff (except I didn’t say eff, as I’m sure you know) out. Of course he came over to commiserate but then he actually fixed it.


And I proceeded to make two more without any trouble. So, my unraveling had a happy ending. And now I have Christmas potholders.

On the reading side of things, I am really enjoying Mr. Dickens and His Carol. It’s perfect for the season.

Whatever you are knitting, reading, creating or otherwise doing, I hope things are going perfectly well for you.


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  1. I remember making potholders with my kids when they were little, and in my memory it’s a calming activity. It seems that’s not always the case. Thank goodness you have a potholder-rescuing neighbor; they look great!

  2. Those potholders are a throwback,for me—loved making those potholders. Yours are beautiful and so Christmas!

  3. Those are just awesome Christmas potholders! (Yay for Sean.) I have made a lot of loop-potholders in my day, but never with planned patterns. Those are really great. XO

  4. IMHO anyone who makes time to make Christmas pot holders is a domestic goddess. I certainly would never get it together enough to do that. I need to make me some new ones when all this chaos is over.

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