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Three On Thursday

Going on day 3 with those first-of-the-year posts and today I’m going to take about intentions. NOT resolutions. Just 3 intentions that I have set for myself for 2018.

  1. I will continue to do my best to live an authentic life. This one is about living a life that is fulfilling and happy. It’s about sharing happy stuff and keeping the negative stuff private. It’s about honesty and integrity and learning and growing. It’s about continuing to incorporate my previous yearly words – joy, grace, shine and peace – while adding this year’s word – kind – to my ever growing arsenal of finding ways to cope with the world. It’s about creating and meditating and doing the things that make me add to the good in the world.
  2. Dale and I sat down on New Year’s Day and creating a list that we have called 18 for 2018. There are fun things on there (travel somewhere new, eat at 2 new restaurants) and home improvement things on there (paint the bedroom, figure out a plan for the front yard). There are some lifestyle improvement things on there like taking walks together and some private things, too. I’m looking forward to setting up a way to track our progress and hoping we can stay the course for the year.
  3. I’ve pretty much avoided the doctor since my beloved primary care physician retired two years ago. I can’t do this any longer and I need to do things like schedule annual physicals and stuff. I’ve made headway on this one already by calling yesterday and making an appointment with a new doctor for later this month. I hate the thought of going but I owe to myself and my family to do it.

So, those are my 3 things that are loosely connected and all about being happy and healthy in 2018. Do you have a list of intentions? I’d love to hear about the things you are going to focus on in the coming year if you do.

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  1. I like your 18 in 2018 list. I started something similar last year, do something new each month, but without a plan, I’ve fallen behind. So I think my intention is to begin again, this time with an actual list.

  2. This is a great list, Carole! And, I love your 18 in 2018 idea! Hmmm, I might run that idea by Steve tonight! I am proud of you making that so difficult step of making an appointment to see a new doctor. I will be here cheering you along! XO

  3. I’m with you on intentions vs. resolutions! Hope y’all are hunkered down for this winter weather fun today. As I was posting my link here, the local “out in the snow” reporter said “there are 3 things you need to know about this weather…” and I just chuckled that she was doing three on Thursday, ha.

  4. Words of encouragement on the new doctor thing. I procrastinated on that 2-3 years because I had a doc, but became really disenchanted with her. Finally tried a new doc on a referral from a friend. Love, love my new doctor and discovered there were some potentially troublesome gaps in my previous care. So happy I made my change. Hope you feel the same, and get only good news.

  5. What a positive way to begin the new year! And how wonderful that Dale is jumping onboard with intentions alongside you.

  6. Your words for each year all gather together to beautifully. Each word is wonderful and strong on it’s own, but they have real impact when seen together. They all shine through you. Good luck with #3. It makes all the difference if you find someone you can trust and work with. xo

  7. Fantastic list! I need to work on #3, too. Am in limbo right now, due to insurance changes, and really need to find a doctor I love.

  8. Nice list! I’m all about jumping in fearlessly this year. Not that I’m one who sits back…but there’s room to move forward. As we speak , a long overdue painting project is underway. And getting back on track with wellness healthcare too is a priority. Thanks always for your ongoing commitment to blogging and sharing. Wishing you and Dale a fabulous 2018!

  9. I like your 18 for 2018 list. This year I received a copy of the 52 Lists Project for Christmas and the first list of course had to do with goals and dreams for the year. My post today includes some of the answers I penned there.

  10. I don’t do resolutions or goals. I truly dislike them for a myriad of reasons. But I do set intentions often, and I am trying to do that daily. My life does not lend itself to setting intentions for the year to come, but I may try to set a few. It’s important to do that, thanks for the reminder. These days I am trying to learn to set intentions daily and then roll with it, whatever may be, may be. But I am a lot older than you, Carole, so there’s that. I think you have done this thoughtfully, and it shows. It’s great that you and Dale are in sync. It’s so important for a relationship to be present, every day.

  11. Nice list! Good luck with your new doctor. I had to find a new eye dr this year after mine of over 30 years retired. I may switch to one closer to home next year as it’s just not the same. I miss my old dr. I almost had to find a new primary as mine was out of network due to a dispute but I should be good now for 3 more years until the contract junk comes up again.

  12. Your list looks great, Carole – happy AND healthy is a wonderful combination! I’m still thinking about my list and hope to share them next Thursday.

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