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Eye Candy Friday

Remember when eye candy photos were all flowers, all the time? Not so much anymore because it seems now it’s all Jackie, all the time. This week, with his grandpa. I keep thinking I should have a funny caption for this one but I’m coming up blank so if you’ve got one, please share it in the comments.

And happy weekend!

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  1. That does call out for a caption, which I assume has something to do with Jack learning is a shocking expectation for him later in life. Something like, “You mean in 3 years I will fight when it’s time for a nap? But I love naps.”

  2. He has changed so much since the first picture. My caption “This one will break some hearts.”

  3. “Oh Grampa, did you feel that??, I tooted”!!!

    What an adorable picture. No more flowers for me, Jackie is the new Friday FEATURE!!!!

  4. Looking forward to all the Jackie Fridays! and loving that I get to read all the wonderful comments and caption suggestions since I’m reading this post four days later 🙂 My favorite is that stripes and plaid do go together!

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