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Eye Candy Friday

Kym is fond of saying that flowers are magical and I couldn’t agree more. Yesterday she pronounced that foliage is cool, too, and I’m on board with that sentiment, too! To prove my point, this is a photo of 3 containers on my deck with foliage. Okay, the creeping jenny has little yellow flowers for a brief time but mostly that’s all foliage. The one in the upper left is called Kong Rose and the one in the forefront is Spiced Curry. There are so many varieties of coleus and I love the different colors as well as the different leaf sizes and shapes!

That’s a wrap on this week – have a great weekend!

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  1. Coleus is just awesome, isn’t it? I’ve seen some entire garden beds planted just in various coleus plants! Stunning. (Foliage is very cool.)

  2. Beautiful! You’re making it harder and harder for me to continue to walk by the beautiful coleus ON SALE at our local Kitchen Garden. Have a wonderful weekend Carole!

  3. You and Kym are on the same channel. The foliage is indeed beautiful. Have a glorious weekend!

  4. Your containers are indeed Eye Candy! I have used creeping jenny in my pots for years … and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it flower! Have a great weekend, Carole!

  5. Those coleus are lovely, and like Mary, I don’t think I’ve ever seen creeping jenny flower. You must be treating her well!

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