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Eye Candy Friday

When I thought about sharing this photo I thought I would say something about how I don’t want to inundate the blog with flowers. And then I thought . . . wait? really? I don’t?

OF COURSE  I want to inundate the blog with flowers! That’s what summer is all about, kids. So. Another bouquet, this one from a local farm stand but enhanced with some coleus that I had pinched back and some coreopsis from the front garden.

Here’s to a weekend full of flowers! And fun, too.

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  1. Flowers are ALWAYS a good idea!
    Have a great weekend, Carole. (And that’s a lovely summer bouquet.)

  2. I say bring on the flowers everyday! That is a lovely little bunch! I love what you did with the coleus! I might just have to borrow that idea! XO

  3. Never too many flowers!! My hydrangea bushes got smushed by house painters’ ladders over the past few days, but I’m hoping to at least get a nice bouquet when I trim it all back and neaten up over the weekend.

  4. The coleus makes it was the finishing touch! Beautiful way to go into a weekend!

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