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Today I’m joining Kat and friends with an unraveling post. I don’t actually have any un-raveling to share but I do have a knitting and reading update and that’s what this weekly group is truly all about so here you go.

My current knitting:

The Peace Cowl that I started, oh, about 8 months ago. Yep. I set it aside in the spring and it’s just been waiting for me to get back to it. Once I finished those Disco Socks it seemed like the time was right. I need to check and see how many repeats I’m supposed to do because I think I’m in the home stretch. Well. Except for that i-cord bind off, gawd help me.

My current reading:

I like to call this  photo And Then There Was One. That’s right, I just have one Bingo square left to complete my card. I didn’t plan for it to also be the bottom right corner but I kind of love that it is. I’m reading Days Without End for that last square (Historical Fiction) and I should be done within a day or two as it’s not very long.

What are you knitting and reading this week?

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  1. Rereading (out loud with the family) a wonderful book called “A Joyful Noise” by Janet Gillespie. Knitting has stalled. I have sewing together to do, and I hate that part.

  2. I-cord bind off… oh boy. (But, it looks so darned nice!) I say queue up a little something to watch and it will be done in no time!

    AND!! Your Bingo Card!! Well done!

  3. Wool sort of loses its appeal for me when it’s too hot to think. I’ve been working on some EPP, making Hexie flowers for a quilt. I can say this number of flowers seem to progress at the pace of a large fingering weight sweater, so not that different than knitting.

  4. I’ve been crocheting my fingers off for the last six months and haven’t knit much at all. I just started My Favorite Scarf for a on the go project as I continue with one more baby blanket and a wedding afghan. Also thinking about doing colorwork mittens for Christmas gifts this year. Reading? More like listening, right now I’m finishing “Summer of 69” by Elin Hilderbrand.

  5. Two nice “almosts”! I love the yarn you’re using for your Peace Cowl, and way to go on your Bingo card. (Soon you’ll be experiencing the freedom of reading whatever you want!)

  6. Oh, nicely done on that Bingo card, Carole! 🙂 And I love the yarn you’re using for the Peace Cowl. Won’t that be nice to have when the weather turns cold again? (Which I don’t want to think about today.) (At all.) XO

  7. That nearly full bingo card is so satisfying! I think I need to do a better job of picking a card next year, because I ended up with some squares that were very hard to fill.

  8. A complete cover, good for you! And your peace cowl looks lovely. I just finished reading Knife by Jo Nesbo, and I am having a hard time knitting anything with it this HOT. I don’t want to hold any wool in my hands.

  9. That’s going to be a very pretty cowl. Yeah on your bingo card. I’ve just been doing the Goodreads summer challenge by doing the beginner and a few of the advanced prompts that they had. But, then I go to the library and pick up things that I don’t fit in so hopefully will finish about 4 more books on that list by the end of the month.

    I’m reading Watching You by Lisa Jewell and Outer Order Inner Calm by Gretchen Rubin.

  10. You’re finished well before Labor Day! Nicely done. I got a couple of Bingos early on and haven’t even looked at my card. At least I played (and it was worth doing).

  11. I love the yarn in the Peace Cowl. Actually I love the yarn and the cowl. Hooray for a successful Book Bingo. I am knitting on a scrappy shawl and a little on a sweater. Reading #10 in the Ruth Galloway mystery series – A Dark Angel. It’s a great summer read. I love Ruth – middle aged and so very real.

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