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Before I get into today’s post I just want to say thank you for all of your kind words of support and encouragement on yesterday’s post. It’s not an easy thing for me to share the powerlessness and shame I have dealt with in my life and it means so much to me that I can be vulnerable with all of you and feel safe and protected in this space.

Okay, let’s talk about knitting and reading because today I am joining with Kat and friends to do just that. More specifically, let’s talk about vacation knitting and reading.

There was knitting.

Not a lot, as you can see, but a bit every day on these Geek Socks from Knitty. It’s a really fun and easy pattern and perfect for self-striping yarn like this Vesper Sock Yarn in the color Falling Water from Knitterly Things. It’s a great pattern for social knitting and I know you all know just what I mean by that.

There was reading.

I finished four books while we were on vacation (updates and reviews on the specific titles when I do my next reading post) and I am currently reading The Strangers on Montagu Street by Karen White. It’s the 3rd in the Tradd Street mystery series and they are light and fun and perfect for summer. I enjoy that they are set in Charleston and the supernatural addition to what is otherwise a cozy mystery is definitely interesting to me. Is it great literary fiction? Nope. But sometimes that’s okay.

And that’s my vacation knitting and reading update. What are you knitting and reading this week?

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  1. Oh my! I LOVE those socks! Her colorways are just so wonderful!

    I am finally listening to Bridge of Clay – it feels like I have been waiting forever for it!

  2. Pretty yarn! I still haven’t learned how to knit socks. I think I’ll look into taking a class.

  3. I love both the colors and the pattern in those socks! I’m still/always knitting on my sock blank Hitchhiker and listening to some random books as I attempt to clean out itunes and my ipod. It feels like I’m mainly waiting for some big books to be published this fall.

  4. That yarn is GORGEOUS. And your project bag is AWESOME (I want one). I’m knitting on my Watermelon Socks and I just finished “Late Migrations” which I recommend highly.

  5. I loved, loved, loved that sock pattern and used some precious sock yarn for it. But the finished socks were not stretchy – and I had to give them away. ?

    Have a book rec for you, an unusual book. “Strangers and Cousins” by Leah Hager Cohen. I’ve never read anything quite like it.

  6. I’m not sure how I have not knit a pair of Geek Socks yet — they look like so much fun!

    I fully believe that when one is on vacation, one’s brain must also be, and that means it’s the perfect time to read books that do not require deep thought.

  7. I’m reading The Great Believers and knitting a pair of socks in a very similar colorway. After all these years I’ve never knit a pair of self striping socks…must put it on the to-do! Thanks for the Tradd Street link…looks like fun easy reading!

  8. Not doing a lot of knitting lately. Reading Inland, but it hasn’t grabbed me yet. I have Louise Penny’s latest on my Kindle, and I can’t wait! Gorgeous socks, BTW.

  9. What a perfect vacation sock project! I like vacations where I can get a lot of reading and some knitting in. (That means time to relax and kick back!) XO

  10. Cute socks! The perfect vacation project. I’m knitting teddy bears. I have some very old but soft and lovely brown yarn that I stuck away because, well, it’s brown, and I don’t like the color. It dawned on me that it would be the perfect yarn for bears. Now I have to find a place to donate. I just finished reading a riveting book just out called Stolen Things by Rachel Herron. She’s a knitter too. I first found her through her knitting blog before she ever published a book. I’ve read everything she’s written, romance novels, serious novels, her memoir, and now this police/family drama. Could not put it down! Highly recommend all her books!

  11. The sock pattern looks so fun and easy to keep track of and since I’m enjoying stripy socks ad nauseam it might be a nice way to mix things up. xo

  12. A book is a book is a book. Maybe it’s profound, maybe lyrical, and maybe just fun; all have their place.

    Your pictures of water fun have me salivating. Much of the water around here is shivering cold!

    And a cute toddler is just the cherry on top!

  13. I like the socks – I am going to go look at the pattern. I am finishing up Lab Girl and just picked up Arctic Dreams. Arctic Dreams has been on my list a long time. I don’t know whether I’ll like it or not but I’m going to give it a few chapters before I decide.

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