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Eye Candy Friday

This photo is from 2 weeks ago . . . I guess the good news about a blog break is that I have a backlog of special photos to share with you. The story behind this photo is that Dale and I had taken Jackie grocery shopping and he fell asleep in the car on the way home. I managed to carry him in and lay him on our bed and he didn’t wake up! It was a pre-Christmas miracle, for certain.

I hope his dreams were merry and bright and that’s what I hope for your first weekend of 2020, too.

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  1. It is just the sweetest picture! Looks like it belongs in an ad for something Santa-ish . . . or on a Christmas card . . . or something. Have a wonderful weekend, Carole! XO

  2. So sweet! Great photo and I agree with others – it would be great on a card or something. Happy weekend – enjoy!

  3. I laughed at the Christmas Miracle… true that! I wish for you and Dale a weekend that is most merry and bright as well!

  4. So beautiful, such innocence, unaware of the sadness surrounding him. Brings tears to my eyes. Hugs to all.

  5. Haha. Those Christmas miracles! Malina fell asleep in my arms the other day and I felt the same about just rolling her off of me and onto the chair!

  6. Oh my goodness! I think that is one of the sweetest photos you have taken of Jackie. He doesn’t look that innocent and restful in most of them. It’s a perfect backdrop as well. You are such a good photographer, Carole!

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