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Read With Us: Mid Winter Bonus Book

Can we pretend it’s Tuesday? Because I was supposed to post about our next Read With Us book yesterday and I totally forgot. I had that 21 in 2021 post all prepped last week and scheduled it to publish on Tuesday so that I didn’t have to do any weekend blogging . . . so this is a day late.

Whatever the date, though, I have a new book for you to read with Bonny, Kym and I!

Agatha of Little Neon by Claire Luchette. It’s a short book and it’s . . . wait for it . . . about nuns. I know. Apparently we’re on a nun kick . . . which may be off for non Catholics . . . but here we are. I’ll be perfectly frank and tell you that I have not read this yet but Kym and Bonny both have and they both assure me that, despite the subject matter, it’s very different from Matrix. And I trust them and I hope you’ll trust all 3 of us and join us.

We’ll all be writing more about it next month but please mark your calendars now for Tuesday, March 15th for our zoom discussion. If you’ve joined us before, you know how fun and enlightening those discussions are. And if you haven’t joined us, I encourage you to give it a go. We are very easy going, very welcoming, and we come from all over the country so it’s pretty damn cool.

Okay. Blog housekeeping and Read With Us posting accomplished. Now it can be Wednesday.

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  1. And what a lovely Tuesday morning it is! (Not really, it’s dark, cold, and maybe not Tuesday, but now everyone knows about the nun kick.) Have a good TueWednesday!

  2. Just made my request from the library and marling it on my calendar. Looking forward to participating!

  3. I laughed out loud at Patty’s comment! Ha! I am on the waitlist for Agatha… although, this might be the first book I have to purchase for RWU!

  4. It still feels like Tuesday to me, so as far as I’m concerned, you’re right on schedule! I bought the Kindle version yesterday and am hoping I can start reading today, provided work decides to give me a bit of a break.

  5. I, too, am laughing at Patty’s comment. I started Agatha and can honestly say I am really enjoying it. A great counterpoint (thank God) to Matrix!!

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