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Eye Candy Friday

Grocery store flowers for the win this week! Honestly, I don’t know why I don’t take photos of them more often. Sure, it’s slightly embarrassing when someone notices . . . but it’s worth it to create great content for you all!

Happy Weekend, friends!

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  1. I’m pretty sure people at the grocery store would barely register the-strange-woman-taking-photos-of-flowers. So . . . just go for it! (Anything for the blog!) XO

  2. I think Kim is correct. I photo labels a lot. No one has ever asked. Although maybe they’re afraid to approach the crazy lady? I’m always here for your photos and if we can pretend it isn’t frigid outside? All the better.

  3. I saw someone taking photos of the flowers just last week at Whole Foods and I thought she was so smart… they were just so lovely!

    Happy Weekend!

  4. They are a lovely sight! (My husband is constantly taking and texting me photos of things at the grocery store when he shops, so I doubt anyone would think you were strange to be taking a photo of flowers!)

  5. Thanks for sharing the beautiful blues! I so look forward to eye candy Friday! Thank you for going out of your comfort zone to keep us smiling into the weekend!

    (My husband works for a company that makes sure product companies are represented, as by contract, at retail stores. His job is literally taking pictures (and other tasks) at grocery stores. Five days a week… )

  6. Those flowers are beautiful! You’ve got company in taking pictures at the grocery store; I do it all the time when I see something that strikes me as funny. Just yesterday I took pictures of guys replacing tiles in two different aisles. They had their work areas cordoned off with caution tape and had essentially blocked off large areas of two aisles. But your photo is much prettier than two guys laying tiles. Have a good weekend!

  7. Thanks for all the Friday flowers, Carole, wherever they are. It is a great way to finish the week and begin the weekend.

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