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Read With Us: The Spring 2022 Announcement

It’s spring! The days are longer and the weather is warmer and we’ve got a fresh new image for our Read With Us posts, thanks to Kym. We’re also ready to . . . announce our Spring 2022 selection . . .

Young Mungo by Douglas Stuart

You may recall that I absolutely adored Shuggie Bain, Stuart’s first novel and the winner of the 2020 Booker Prize and nominee for the National Book Award for Fiction. Well. I think it’s safe to say (even though I haven’t finished this one yet) that Stuart has . . . done it again. It feels like you’re reading about Shuggie’s neighbors and the themes are, for better or worse, much the same. It’s another coming-of-age story about a gay, working-class boy, living in 1980s Glasgow, and that comes with all of the heartbreak and abuse you might suspect. But when the writing is as gorgeous as Stuart’s, well, it’s worth the read, even when the story is hard.

Bonny and Kym and I will be doing promos over the next month and our live virtual discussion will be at 7pm EST on Tuesday, June 7th. I hope you will, once again, Read With Us!

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  1. I’m excited to spend some more time in Glasgow and discussing the book with all of you! I’ve actually started the book (I got an ARC from Netgalley) but have put it on hold for the moment because a big library hold came in. I’ll get back to it soon, though!

  2. I’m about a quarter of the way through and I think this is going to be another excellent book by Stuart. I had a sense of foreboding from the first few pages when Mo-Maw waved goodbye to Mungo. (He could be Shuggie’s neighbor!)

  3. GREAT pick – I pre-ordered my copy from England (the cover!!) and it should arrive this month. Look forward to reading along with y’all!

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