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Eye Candy Friday

Hello, friends. The conference was fun and I had originally planned on posting yesterday but my anger and grief over yet another school shooting after yet another grocery store shooting was just too much to contain. I’m back today with some eye candy for you but please know that my silence over our nation’s irrational obsession with guns does not mean I am not incensed. Nor does it mean I am not taking action.

Okay. Onward.

Look at these beautiful clematis blossoms. I have had this plant for years and it has never been loaded with some many beautiful flowers.

These are the things that give me hope.

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  1. Marc planted our first clematis earlier this month – I can’t wait to see blooms!! (also, reminded that we can’t be listening for the good voices if we’re talking, so I’ve been spending a lot of my week “being silent”)

  2. It’s felt like a week to be quiet and grieve (while also questioning, being incensed, and writing our reps. in Congress). It’s always good to look to nature for hope.

  3. I made phone calls several times this week… as futile as that feels, I still wanted them to hear my voice on this.

    I love your clematis… it must be a year for things like that, because my poppy is just loaded with blooms!

  4. Your clematis is a beautiful reminder that even amidst all the sadness and anger, there is joy and beauty to be found in the world.

  5. I agree with everyone that this clematis is gorgeous, and I enjoy nature more than most, but I must say that even nature has not made me hopeful about anything this week. I have watched the birds at my feeders, the squirrels in the yard, the pup in the backyard, and it has given me very fleeting moments of grace, but I will not feel hopeful about this issue until every one of these NRA politicians is voted out of office. Allowing this to continue really meets the definition of insanity, continuing to change nothing and expecting different results. Having said that, I appreciate very much the effort it took for you to find something of beauty to share with us today. You picked a good week to be away from the blog. XO

  6. Beautiful blooms, Carole! And lots of my plants are just LOADED with blossoms and blooms this year. My dogwood and my wisteria are just dripping . . . I think they “know” I need it???? Have a restful weekend! XO

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