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Summer Reading Post #2

We’re a week into summer reading and today I want to talk about what makes a book a good summer read.

I am fairly certain the answer to this question is different for everyone. Some people want to read light books, romances and chick lit and fluff. Others see the long stretch of summer as an opportunity to dig in and read something long or challenging, a book they’ve put off for a long time or always meant to read. Maybe memoirs or biographies are your summer jam. Still others want a paperback over a hard cover or an ebook over a physical book. There are as many choices for summer reading as there are books to read!

Personally, I don’t read any differently in the summer than I do during the other seasons . . . other than the fact that I probably read more because vacations. I might read a light book or two but then I’ll be itching for something with more heft. I might read a really long book but then I’ll be ready for a few short ones to move things along. I really just go by my mood and whatever becomes available from the library.

Having said all that, there are some reading lists for the Summer of 2022 that you may be interested in perusing. Check out these lists for some recommendations that run the gamut from light to heavy and everything in between:

Let me know in the comments what sort of books you like to read in the summer. And remember, every comment left on a post about summer reading will be entered to win some fun prizes.

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  1. I’m like you – I really don’t read any differently during the summer … I do love to read outside, though. Just got my kindle back out because it’s so easy to read outside and it’s so portable!

  2. I usually prefer a paperback for beach reading (don’t want to get sand in a library book). Really I just go with my mood when selecting a book. Lately I’ve been into suspense/thrillers/murder mysteries. I know by the end the solution will be revealed and problem solved. That’s reassuring in the world today.
    Thanks for lists – there look to be some fun reads!

  3. I used to read a lot more in the summer when I was still in school because I was freed from the reading I had to do for my classes. But I don’t really read any differently in the summer now, though maybe I feel like I should read more because I have a little more time on my hands (I’m not doing school pickup every day or packing lunches, plus the days are longer).

  4. My summer reading has generally been a little bit more challenging with book bingo. This summer seems to be kicking off with easier reading (except Young Mungo!) and now a longer TBR list! Thanks for the links Carole!

  5. When I was working (in education) summer reading was very different but that has changed. I am inspired by all the lists and summer reading programs but mostly I will continue to read from my TBR tower.

  6. I like to include something unexpected into my summer reading … maybe a long lost book from my miles long TBR list, or perhaps something I should have read (Middlemarch was this book for me, and I loved it!), or something LONG (it it perfect for earbuds and weeding!), or even going back several years on Award Winning Book Lists… and picking one that I never read.

    All in all… summer means reading to me. And that is just the best thing ever!

  7. I’m another who does not read all that differently in the summer than at any other time. My TBR list is SO LONG (and I add to it almost daily with recommendations from fellow bloggers). The one thing I am thinking of doing is to go back through my bookcases (in every room of the house) and pick out something I’ve never read. I have a couple of books that my Grandfather gave my Grandmother when they were courting! Books from my aunt’s house, books from my parent’s house, etc., etc. And, of course, books that I bought and then just shelved and forgot about!

  8. I don’t think my reading changes much during the summer, except heat and humidity provide me with a nice excuse for sitting still and reading. I just like the feeling of trying to recall that perfect childhood summer reading feeling – a big stack of books from the library and the vacation days stretching out in front of you!

  9. I don’t think I read much differently in the summer than the rest of the year, actually. I think I might listen to audiobooks more in the summer than the winter? But I’m not actually sure about that. (I do tend to listen to books while I weed . . . endlessly weed . . . ) I do tend to pick a really looong book (or two) to read during the summer — and I think that may be a holdover from my college days, when I “saved” big books to read on my break. All in all, it’s summer. The livin’ is easy. And there are plenty of books to tempt me. . . XO

  10. Summer reading is pretty much the same as other reading!
    I’ve read a few on the recommended summer list that I recommend: Portrait of a Thief and Vladamir. I just finished “The Latecomer” and that one was kind of a ‘meh’ for me (and I do love JHK!).

  11. I read whatever looks good to me at any given moment. I get my recommendations from different sources … you (of course), lists I see on social media or get via email, or by browsing at the library (on the rare occasion that I go in rather than go online). I usually read on my phone using the kindle app, but also on my kindle itself, and sometimes I like a good hard cover. I used to love paperbacks, but not a huge fan any more, hello tiny print, I’m looking at you. I just put some new books on my “to read” list and my “holds” list using Libby!

  12. My summer reading is not really any different than the rest of the year. Although because of having at home kids I don’t have as much reading time in the summers.

  13. I agree with Dee that for the beach itself I want a book I own (after a horrible experience of taking a library hardback to the beach on a windy day and spending the rest of the time before returning trying to get the sand out of the pages). Otherwise, no bog difference for summer reading than any other time of the year.

  14. My summer reading doesn’t stray too much from my regular reading. Book Bingo used to bring different books with more catergories. This year I’m doing my own book bingo and found 12 books that I have had for years that I have wanted to read, a 3 book series by Nora Roberts, about 4 Sookie Stackhouse books to finish the series. I also have 5 Sally Goldenbaum knitting cozy mysteries that I found 4 at a local used bookstore and had to go find the one before them so I can read them in order. Then I left room for anything that strikes my fancy.

  15. I don’t think my reading is much different in the summer compared to the rest of the year. I probably read a bit more because reading is my favorite thing to do on days when it’s too hot to do anything else.

  16. I’m the same, I have a stack on my nightstand that I’d like to read before summer is over. I always have an e book so that I have something handy in case I’m standing in line, waiting at the doctor, etc. Thank you for sharing the book list. Always helpful.

  17. Usually I don’t change my reading habits, but I am trying to relax my standards a little this year (that sounds so snobby-LOL) and find a couple of “fun” books to read. It feels right to find something lighter because so many of the books I’ve read this past year have been very dense or very triggering. We’ll see if I can find something lighter that is also enjoyable for me.

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