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Eye Candy Friday

Is there a flower more beautiful, more intricate, more spectacular than the dahlia? I’m starting to think there isn’t and I’m falling more in love with them every year. I’m growing them from tubers for the first time this summer but I also have this baby in a pot on my deck right now and it’s just stunning.

Happy June weekend, friends!

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  1. This my 1st year having dahlias. I’m trying really hard to keep them alive. I am the worst with flowers. How often are you watering your potted dahlias?

  2. You already know how I feel about dahlias. . . . I think they might be one of the most complex, beautiful, stunning blooms out there. Plus, for me, they’re full of wonderful memories. I’m eagerly awaiting your tuber-grown dahlia blooms. Despite my great love for the dahlia, I am not willing to plunge into that level of madness. I’ll just enjoy YOUR dahlias from here! XOXO

  3. So beautiful, Carole! Dahlias require way too much “maintenance” in my zone (for me), but I’m happy to admire them in other people’s gardens!

  4. Just about the only thing I miss about going into the office is that one of my coworkers used to bring in big bouquets of her dahlias every summer. They are so lovely. Enjoy yours!

  5. Lovely Carole! We’re joining you on the tuber journey. We’ve got some growth so we’ll see! Best of luck to the both of us. 😉

  6. Lovely, I have some by our mailbox and they are growing and I think I saw some buds this moring.

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