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Read With Us: Sorrow and Bliss Promo Post

My task today is to convince you to read our summer book selection, Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason. I mean, I already recommended it and, in my opinion that should be enough but . . . here we are.

There are a lot of videos with Meg Mason discussing this book. I didn’t have time to watch them all but I did enjoy this one from the Yarra Valley Writers Festival:

I know an hour is a big time commitment but it’s a perfect excuse to sit and knit and watch.

If you’d rather read an interview, this one from Toast is delightful and (I think) really capture’s Meg Mason’s personality and sense of humor. Plus there are photos and it’s charming.

There is also this Q&A with Meg Mason that is excellent, entertaining, and focuses more on the book than the one from Toast.

As I mentioned when we announced this book as our summer selection, I really enjoyed it. The writing is tight and the dialogue is witty and the characters are real and flawed. I hope this is enough to convince you to pick it up and join us!

Bonny and Kym will also be sharing promo posts in the coming weeks and our Zoom discussion is scheduled for Tuesday, September 13th at 7pm

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  1. Thanks for the links Carole! I’m planning to read and join the discussion (of course), but am waiting till a bit closer to time for reading.

  2. I rarely watch video book interviews but I think I’ll watch this one later today. Maybe it will give me some new perspectives before my re-read!

  3. I heard a few podcasts featuring Meg and enjoyed hearing her talk about the book. The things she said about the two sisters was very enlightening. Author interviews are always helpful. Thank you, Carole! i’m getting a cup of tea to sip while I watch.

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