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Eye Candy Friday

A thoughtful friend brought me this pretty glass jar full of sweet mini carnations last week. I love how simple and lovely it is.

And now it’s the weekend, and it’s a long one, too. I’m sure ready! I’ll catch you back in this space on Tuesday, friends.

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  1. It’s amazing how much of a difference even a small bouquet can make in the dark of winter! They’re just lovely (as is the friend who gave them to you)!

  2. I remember being charmed by those type of carnations as a child. What a lovely mid-winter gift.

  3. Such a pretty and thoughtful gift. Thanks for the reminder that Monday is a holiday (I bet I end up working some though…one of the pitfalls of working from home…). Enjoy the LONG weekend!

  4. That’s a lovely thought and a lovely arrangement, Carole. I hope you have a great three day weekend.

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