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Eye Candy Friday

Our flowering crabapple tree is doing it’s thing and I couldn’t love it more. Those bright pink blossoms against the neon green maple leaves from the tree behind it are one of my favorite things to see each spring in my yard.

I hope you find some favorite signs of spring where you are this weekend, too.

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  1. My Grandmother had a gorgeous crab apple tree in her front yard in Vermont – gorgeous! We tried to grow one here, but it would not take. Yours is beautiful. Have a great weekend!

  2. Such a pretty tree. We had one at my childhood home, but the petals were more cherry blossom colored. It was beautiful and kind of magical outside my second floor bedroom window. I do not miss cleaning up the crabapples though. Not one bit.

  3. So lovely, Carole! That color combo is really gorgeous! All our blooms are in a holding pattern these days, but I’m really looking forward to everything popping in a couple of weeks!

  4. Such gorgeous colors! All the flowering trees in our backyard have white flowers, which is pretty, but not nearly as dramatic. And when they all fall after a few days, it looks like snow — not what I want to see at this time of year!

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