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Read With Us: Trespasses, The Wrap Up

It’s my turn this time to wrap up our Spring 2023 book discussion, Trespasses by Louise Kennedy.

We had a fine time last Tuesday night discussing this book. Our icebreaker question, posed by Kym as always, was to tell everyone our favorite summer time treat. And boy did everyone deliver, from lobster rolls to fried clams, ice cream to Negronis to daiquiris. I even learned about a treat I’d never heard of . . . water ice.

We then moved into the meat of our time together, discussing the book from many different viewpoints and backgrounds. There were many comparisons to Milkman and Say Nothing. There was talk about the confusion of the time, how hard it was to take sides, and the vulnerability someone would have to project to take a stand with both enemies and friends. We talked about art and how it can help us understand things that are difficult. We talked about overstepping boundaries, taking risks, and what we thought about the ending.

It was, as always, a great gathering of friends who may not always agree but who are always respectful and interested in what everyone has to say.

Bonny and Kym and I are still totally blown away by the support our little book club has received from all of you and we’re truly grateful that you all come back each time to Read With Us!

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  1. The Read With Us Group is the best! And books we all have differing opinions on… well, that is just magical!

  2. Thanks for this wrap-up and a big thank you to all the readers that take the time to read the books, discuss them thoughtfully, and participate!

  3. Thanks for putting together a great wrap-up for a really good discussion, Carole! (And water ice! Who knew???) XO

  4. Thank you Carole, Kym and Bonny! This is such a fun group and, even though we may not all agree on the books, to me that’s what makes life interesting. I’m thrilled to be part of this group and looking forward to our next book to read together and subsequent discussion!

  5. Thank you Carole, Bonny, & Kym for leading a great discussion! I enjoy being a part of this group and look forward to our next book discussion!

  6. I am so thankful for you three and the wonderful books we’ve read together. I always enjoy our discussions and the insights you all bring.

  7. So sorry I couldn’t be there. Trespasses was a great Irish story and I would have liked to be part of the discussion. Milkman is one of my favorite books, too.

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