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Summer Reading: July 2023

So, fellow readers, how’s your summer reading going? Are you plowing through books or savoring them slowly? Are you reading chewy books (stolen expression from Kym) or are you keeping it light and easy? Are you taking on an author’s backlist or going for the latest and greatest from the best seller list?

Here’s the answer to all of those questions: IT DOESN’T MATTER!

The whole point of summer reading is to relax and just read. Whatever you feel like reading.

And that’s just what I’ve been doing. I read some very light books while on vacation and camping. I read what came up for me from Libby. And, I did a truly crazy thing . . . I stopped putting holds on anything else. Shocking, right? I have an ARC that I’m reading right now and then nothing on deck.

The freedom of that is amazing and I think it means I’m finally (finally) going to tackle Outlander #8, Written In My Own Heart’s Blood. I love this series but haven’t read one since 2018. I think that’s partly because I’ve gotten my fix from the television series but it’s also because these books are very (very) long and I always seem to have something from the library that I need to read first. I’m very excited and hope to start it this weekend.

Tell me, how is your summer reading shaping up?

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  1. My summer reading has been just so marvelous! Really… incredible and unexpected. I have no reading plan, just read… and I want it to never end!

  2. My summer reading is going . . . pretty well. A little hit-or-miss. I’ve read some really great books — and I’ve put down some books that really were not to my taste. I think it’s great that you’ve changed things up — to make time for reading Outlander #8! I bet you’ll really enjoy sinking back into a series that you love.

  3. Overall, my summer reading has been nice. Not fast, but easy going and mostly I’ve enjoyed the books I’ve read – some more than others. I only put down one book after reading a chapter or two as it just was horrible writing (my opoinion) and a boring story (my opinion). The other day I picked up some more from the library, so my nightstand is full!

  4. My reading is going well! I’ve had some great female characters/stories this summer. Not planned – all pretty random! Enjoy your #8…I’ve only read #1 but own #2…perhaps that will be my vacation read!

  5. I’ve just been reading what calls to me though I did join a challenge the summer of yarn and books that starts Monday and have picked my 6 books (1 a week) and they were all sitting around waiting for me so they things I want to read. Near the end, I will probably put holds on books that I want to read at the library but I am holding off for now as I want to get these read.

  6. There has been less reading – we have a grandbaby at long last and spend much of the time doing baby stuff and then falling asleep! But I did start the new Stacey Abrams. It’s the kind of book that must be read at one go if there’s any hope of remembering all the character’s names, and following the twists and turns of the plot.

  7. I only have one book on hold at the library now and am trying to read from what I already have. I always feel so rushed to get through a library book, particularly if it’s one a lot of people are waiting for, so it’s nice to take my time.

  8. My summer reading started strong but has tapered a bit… at least reading with my eyes has. On reflection, I’ve been chipping away at a 19 hour audiobook, and am closing in on the last 3 hours or so.

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