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Unraveled Wednesday

I hereby declare that the next time you see this hat it will not longer be a pink blob . . . it will be a finished Same As It Ever Was. Seriously. I’ve been working on this for months and it’s time to just It will be accompanying me on our camping trip this weekend and, despite the call of the Sinkmates, I will devote myself to knitting this. And only this.

As for reading, I am currently just past the halfway point of Kate Morton’s Homecoming and it’s . . . okay. Much like the hat, I feel like it’s just carrying on for too long and I want There are so many new books I want to read right now . . . Absolution and Day and Wellness . . . only 250 pages stand in my way!

I hope you’re knitting and reading things you enjoy this week. Don’t forget to check out Kat’s blog and see what we’re all doing.

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  1. Knitting projects and houseguests. Sometimes it’s just time for them to be done. May speedy knitting be in your future.

  2. Oh, this post makes me laugh. I also have a pink blob (mine’s a Musselburgh) that lives in the bottom of my knitting bag. I take it out . . . only rarely. (Which, I’m sure, could explain why it’s not a hat yet . . . ) Hmmm . . . maybe I should stop my SinkMates binge and pick up the hat again???? (Nah. . . )

  3. You can do it – finish the hat and Homecoming! Kate Morton often feels like that for me, and if I’m honest, I’m not sure I’ve ever finished one of her books. I can’t seem to get approved for Day, but I thought Absolution was terrific and I’m really loving Wellness so far.

  4. I hope you can finish up the hat because I want to see it on you! Likewise with the book — I hope the last chunk of pages go quickly so you can move on to something else more engaging.

  5. sometimes I need to push of a “real” deadline to get me to the finish line. your camping trip is surely a great reason for a new hat. the new books, on the other hand, might just prompt me to set aside my current read … life’s too short and all that 🙂

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