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Eye Candy Friday

Jack drew this turkey for me the other night when they were over for dinner. I’m sure you’re familiar with the technique of tracing your hand and then making it look like a turkey but of course I think his is exceptional. And yes, he has the curve on the J in Jack backwards. And that just makes me love it more.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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  1. That picture is worthy of being front and center on the refrigerator! Justin drew his Js backwards for quite a while, but now that he’s 30 he’s got it figured out. 😉

  2. Absolutely charming, Carole! I love it, too. XO
    (Erin used to put extra “cross bars” in her E’s. She figured . . . why stop with 3?)

  3. It’s perfect!!

    I do caution against using a handprint turkey to decorate the top of a cherry pie, it gets rather gory looking as it bakes ?

  4. I love the progression of name writing ?. Do you know the book Setting the Turkeys Free? Every time I see one of these little handprints I think of that book

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