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Eye Candy Friday

As I told those of you who asked, the only thing I purchased at the garden store last week was a gift card for my friend. I did, however, greatly admire the hellebores and was very tempted to get one. I just wasn’t sure I could keep it alive as a houseplant until it was time to put it in the ground. This variety was quite captivating, though! I love the variegated petals and the bright yellow center.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. You will love it! They come back every year and are one of the first spring flowers. I believe they are also called the Lenten Rose. Enjoy!

  2. It’s beautiful! And I admire your restraint in not buying anything! I’ve been checking my one surviving hellebore daily, but still no sign of buds. Which is probably just as well given what the weather’s supposed to be like next week!

  3. That is a very pretty hellebore but I think it was a good call to enjoy it at the garden store and with your photo. Happy weekend!

  4. Umm . . . you can plant hellebores (and transplant them) NOW. As long as you can get your shovel in the ground. So . . . I’m betting you can keep one alive for a week or two or three until you can plant it! (I did that last year with several hellebores I couldn’t pass up. I kept them with my houseplants inside for a couple of weeks, and planted them as soon as I could in early March.) (Just sayin.)

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